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Basking in my Zen-laundry experiences, ate some cereal, and browsing through the land o' Livejournal for a spell here...

Amongst the many rolling hills, I came upon one of my favorite artists, Scott Radke, and his most recent post, wherein he introduced his ever-adoring audience to a world of beautiful images and talents, most notably (see also, "My Favorites"), Audrey Kawasaki and Myna Sonou.

Myna's work has a feel similar to the likes of Jan Svankmajer and Scott's work for me. It's a clay-sculpty thing, characters on the verge of springing to life at any moment. They're the toys that come to life while a child sleeps, only I think these ones in particular are a bit more mischievious!

As for Audrey Kawasaki, well...I'm mezmerized. I think it has to do with those Margaret Keane paintings of children from the '70's, which I was always into growing up (scroll to about 3/4's of the way down on that link, BTW...the posters are more of what I remember of her works). The thing with Audrey's works, well...they're darker, and seem to have more intention than Keane could have ever grasped. The combination of oil, ink, really just need to go take a look to understand.

While looking through Ms. Kawasaki's site, I came upon her livejournal, and found some of her more recent works, and wow. What I wouldn't give to own the one called "Lydia." I also love "Mia & Mai," and the very last one entitled, "oyasumi." I told her to let me know when/ if she makes any of them prints. Much as I would love to own one of Scott's originals someday, I hope to someday own one of hers as well. IN the meantime, however, prints are a decent substitute.

I browsed through the comments on that post, and came across [ profile] sigilgirl, another artist whose works made me think of [ profile] riverbank's photos/ thought processes, and also, how much I think [ profile] wraptboy would love her art. So yeah, you two (and everyone else, of course!) should check it out. Very cool, and she plays the accordian no less!!! ~8)

OK, time to start a new load of laundry and maybe read for a bit.

I hope everyone is having a lovely day!


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