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OK, so tonight I'd really like to sing some (s)karaoke at the Champps in Valley View, and although I won't deny the money is some portion of the motivation, I'd really just like some people to come and join me up there for singing and silliness.

I tried singing last week, foregoing the Champps gig for the heavy metal (s)karaoke at the Hi-Fi. Needless to say, that was a bomb. Not only did I not get the chance to sing, I almost went deaf from how loud the place was prior to the (s)karaoke happenings, and the smoke about killed my sinuses.

So yeah. Champps is a glorified sports bar, and a bit overpriced, but it'd be fun to hang out with a bunch of people, and believe it or not, their new songlist kicks ass so anyone/ everyone should sing.

I figure [ profile] wraptboy and I will get there a bit after nine (EDIT: probably between 9:30-10). If I get enough feedback, I can reserve a larger table.

As for the money bit, well, lemme put it to ya this way: I haven't won the last five contests I've been in, so it's really not about that anymore. Yeah, it'd be nice, but seriously, it's not likely to happen at this point. I just wanna SING!!! ~8D

OK, hope everyone is having a good life out there. Sorry I haven't been on more...lots going on, been a busy holiday, although wonderful on so many levels.


Dec. 21st, 2005 09:04 pm
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Hi-Fi. (s)karaoke...heavy metal/ 80's (???)...sing with the band.

and shtuff.


We are on our way...are you?


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