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This is, by far, one of THE BEST HOR(ROR)SCOPES EVER:

for week of April 6, 2006

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Things you DON'T particularly need right now: excuses to procrastinate; urges to retreat into hardened positions and fixate on the way things used to be; a willingness to politely tolerate control freaks; fantasies about changing the personalities of people you love. Things you DO need: a windy day, a meadow, and a dragonish kite; more raw curiosity and better questions; a slightly irrational diversion that fires up your imagination; an idiosyncratic altar in your bedroom; more gratitude for and intimacy with your muse; finger paint and five large sheets of paper so you can illustrate your life story.

OK, so I need fingerpaint. NOW.

Oh, and just because everyone should be stricken breathless at least once a day:

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Monday, January 30

Coming up: Several opportunities to acquire answers to those myriad
questions that have been plaguing you for a few weeks, such as will this
venture ever get off the ground, will we close on the property, is this
relationship worth the risk, etc. So, make sure that your eyes, heart,
and mind are open and your "receiver" is on.
Today's star rating: ****

It has, thus far, been a pretty good day. Not necessarily 4 stars, but at least a good three.

As for the answers, umm, yeah. I need those, so all receivers are up and running, open and ready. I hope the "senders" are expedient, as I don't have much time with which to play at this point.~{8/

Time for some deutsch.
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It says I'm s'posed to warn y'all, so...

Daily extended (by

Expect to raise some eyebrows at work now, and a few more tonight, too. You're in a very rare mood -- so rare that your coworkers and friends are willing to bet they've never seen you like this. Rather than exercising caution, playing it safe, or avoiding confrontation, you're ready to rock. If it's reckless, you're in. If it's slightly scary, you're in. Better warn anyone you expect to be spending any amount of time around.


I think sleep sans too much caffiene did a world of good, yup yup.
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Daily extended (by
The universe has arranged for some big-time changes to come your way. Thankfully, right about now you'll actually be able to appreciate what's going on -- or at least the outcome. The steps along the way might not be great fun, especially if you have to say goodbye rather abruptly to someone or something, but the ends will definitely justify the means. Fortunately, you've never been afraid of change. Still, gird your loins and prepare for battle.

my throat hurts.


Good ju-ju is absolutely imperative. If you can spare it, please do.
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Oh, and this hor(ror)scope is just friggin' FREAKY with it's little comparison:

Monday, October 17

If tensions are rising at home or in the office, it's this Full Moon
and Lunar Eclipse. Moreover, your perception of an ongoing situation
could be about as far apart from that of a colleague or loved one (who,
btw, you'd much prefer to have on your side and who has some say in the
matter) as Athens, Ohio, is from Athens, Greece.
Today's star rating: ***

And no, I didn't just make that up.

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the glowing boxes are far more attractive this evening than the music upon which I should be working.

In other news, Rob Brezny thinks this is in my forecast:

For the week of October 13th:

My friend Glenn suffered a thumb injury while playing softball a few years back. Though it eventually healed, the scar tissue made the thumb less mobile than it had been before. Three weeks ago, he got stung by a bee in the exact spot where the original wound occurred. It swelled up for a couple days, then receded. Since then, he has enjoyed a dramatic upgrade in the thumb's freedom of movement. I predict a comparable scenario for you in the coming days, Capricorn. A fresh booboo won't last long, and--wonder of wonders--it will ameliorate an old booboo.

And finally, my fingers on my right hand are quite cold. So cold, in fact, that I fear they may just fall off soon.


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