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This is taken directly from [ profile] android23's LJ, so here's the full-on quotey-quote re: Missile Command, which you should read!

Missile Command News

Hello, everyone!

Just wanted to let everyone know two things:

1) We're slowly moving Missile Command's news over to a Wordpress Blog. This will allow all the members to post to it, and more opportunities for our friends to reply. The blog is at

We've set up an LJ Syndication Service for it, so, please add mchq to your friends list. The blog will be the first place that news will appear from here on out, so, if you're a fan of Missile Command, please add it. If you're finding yourself more on Twitter than LJ, then you can be alerted to new Missile Command blogs, as well as get random Tweets about show times (because we never know until we show up), and other neat things. You can join our Twitter page at If you have friends that are fans of Missile Command, spread the word!

2) We're playing on Friday! Hope to see everyone there. This is going to be a fun show, as well as something new for us. For the first time in Missile Commandom, all the members will be on stage for the whole show! Those lazy reprobates have full-time stage jobs now! Also, [ profile] atsiluth will be bringing his latest project, Fluxion, to town, so make sure to check that shizzle out! Here's a flyer:

3) Go vote for your favorite remix of Missile Command! Voting ends on August 15th!


Although initially intended to be an anonymous thing, the remix contest has turned into a Pimp-Your-Remix contest, so I'm gonna pimp now.

First of all, if you've still never heard our music, you should go to our website and listen already. If you'd like to hear even more, you can go to either our Myspace Page or to my music page, the latter of which includes the track, "FTS Beta 9."

Now for the real pimpin'...~8)

~> Remix #1 of "Sea of Tranquility" was done by yours-truly. I've never done a remix before, and had a LOT of fun doing it! I actually call it "Dawn's Shooting Star Mix," due to the shooting-star like sound throughout the mix. If you like it, please vote for #1.

~> Remix #9 of "Have You Done This Before" was done by [ profile] tiktiktok. It was also his first time remixing a song. Actually, it was his first time doing ANYTHING with music, and I personally think it's really friggin' cool. He added a lot of sampling and other madness, and made the song his own creation in a lot of ways. Sure, I'm somewhat biased, but really? It's really quirky, creative and cool, and done very, very well. If you like it, vote for #9. It's official remix name is, "No, I've Never Done This Before."

~> Remix #10 of "I Know You," A.K.A. "Define...'Hoe Down,'" was also done by [ profile] tiktiktok. He got to enjoying this whole music thing, playing and toying, and this one is super-fun, and you should totally listen to the entire thing because it WILL make you laugh! If you like it, please vote for #10.

~> Remix #11 was [ profile] tiktiktok's final entry into the contest. It's an epic mash-up of both "FTS Beta 9" and "I Know You" entitled "Heliophilia 1-4," and show what an astonishing ear he has for not having done anything with music prior to the three remixes. Not a single one of us Missile Commanders ever considered that "FTS Beta 9" and "I Know You" could be mixed together, let alone that they had literal key relations! I am, of course, flattered that he'd remix a song in which I sang, but most of all, I am in awe of his skills and creativity. If you agree and enjoy it too, please vote for #11.

And that's that! You should really listen to all the remixes. We had so much talent come in, and were thrilled to hear what other people were able to come up with! And pleeeease spread the word! We need to share our music with everyone everywhere and you're key in that endeavor!

The top 3 remixes will be included on the upcoming Missile Command release, "The Future," so please choose wisely! ~8)

Thanks for reading, listening, and for supporting Missile Command!



Jun. 15th, 2009 05:08 pm
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I had a lot of fears that the universe would discover just how different I was from it. My only suspicion about it was that it would find out the truth about me, and its reaction would be perfectly normal: it would get me. I didn't feel that it was malevolent, just perceptive. And there's nothing worse than a perceptive universe if there's something weird about you.

But this year I realized that that's not true. That the universe is perceptive, but it's friendly...I just don't feel that I'm different from the universe anymore.

~Philip K. Dick in an interview, 1974
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Another perty flyer )
Missile Command will be performing with
Dead Letter Room
The Radio Broadcast, Flex, Darling Czar & Elias Iscariot

in celebration of Billy (of Ludwyg)'s birthday and CD release!

Featuring art works by:
Michelle Black
Bella Valentina
Decadent Design
Crow Leather Works
Shock Studios
& Pinkerton FX

21+ - FREE!!!
18-20 - $5
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Friday, March 6, 2009

Cleveland State University presents...

The CSU Chorus and Chorale Winter Concert

Flyer )

featuring the following works:

William Billing's "Creation"

Daniel Pinkham's "In the Beginning of Creation"

"The Heavens Are Telling" from Haydn's Creation
featuring solos by
Charlie Poe, Shannon Jacazuebk, Jim Streiter, Kari Longstreth,
Amir Jones, Johntay Brown, and Holly Sanja

Benjamin Britten's "Jubilate Deo"


In the Beginning by Aaron Copland
Dawn E. Mitchell, Mezzo-soprano

Directed by
Dr. Betsy Burleigh

Cara Chowning, piano

The concert begins at 7:30 PM
Waetjen Auditorium
located on the lower level
of the Music and Communications Building
Cleveland State University
2121 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115-2214

This is a free performance, and is open to the public.
Parking can be found along Chester Ave.
and in lot PF
located behind the Music and Communications
building between E. 19 & 21
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Tell me something that inspires you.
Anything at all.

What gives you the most joy?

Thank you in advance for sharing.
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"The sleep of reason breeds monsters."

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Come check out "Voices (Echo)", the song I recorded with Interface last spring!!!

Lemme know whatcha think!!!
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Nine Inch Noëls.

Merry Christmas/ Yule, Channukah, Kwanzaa,Boomshanka, etc. to all,
and to all a good night!
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As the snow falls through the geodesic dome and covers our rock gardens here at Missile Command Headquarters; as Jim throws another graphite rod into the atomic furnace; as Dawn and Lori finish decking the labs with boughs of holly; as I shut down our music supercomputer, Holycrapimhuge 5000, I reflect on what a year we've had at Missile Command.

Six concerts, including two out of town. One of them at the prestigious Convergence 14 in Tampa, Florida!

Playing with many awesome bands, and cementing a friendship with them!

Finishing and self-publishing our debut CD, "MACHINES SHOULD THINK PEOPLE SHOULD WORK", and actually selling a lot of them!

Begin work on our next CD, "The Future".

Meeting and performing to all our fans and friends.

Truly, a 2008 that is worth remembering.

Thank you to everyone. We couldn't have done it without your support. In thanks, we've added a new free song on our website. Head on over to, click on the rocket, and go to "MEDIA". Under "COVERS", you'll find our freshly mixed cover of "It's A Sin" by the Pet Shop Boys. Download it and rock out to it in thanks for helping make 2008 the Missile Command Year of the Year. There's also a great rare treat in the cover we did of "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins. We only played it once live, but it's way cool.

We've also added a remix of a song from our MACHINES SHOULD THINK PEOPLE SHOULD WORK album. Click under remixes and download the "M31" mix of "Andromeda 8" remixed by Dr. Peter Naegele.

While you're on our site, stop in our STORE and do some shopping. I think we only have one square pin left, and I'm not sure if we can get more made (our manufacturing wing's square pin generator is down), but we have CDs, t-shirts, and stickers galore. Missile Command schwag makes the perfect holiday gift for that special scientist/time traveller/astronaut/physics buff/loved one in your life, so pick some up for them!

Hope to see you all in 2009!

Happy Holidays,

Andrew, Jim, Lori, and Dawn

-=Missile Command=-

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but a huge-mongous, marvelous, fantabuliscious



to my


[ profile] tiktiktok!!!


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Heading out to the protest re: Prop 8 now.


It's like 45 out, and raining like mad!

I'm sure glad I have boots
and a big umbrella!

Will we be extremists for hate or will we be extremists for love? Will we be extremists for the preservation of injustice - or will we be extremists for the cause of justice?
~ Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail
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This I got from [ profile] ciani's LJ, which was the most recent full-post regarding the protest:

(Clevelanders please note that the protest organizer, Willow, is attempting to get the permit today. The location could change, but the time and date will not.)

"Join the Impact is organizing a nationwide protest to take place in front of city halls all across America against proposition 8 and other anti-gay measures that were passed on Tuesday."

i checked for cleveland, and the protest will take place in front of cleveland city hall at 1:30 pm this coming saturday, november 15. i plan to be there and would love to get as many peeps as possible with signs and whatnot. here's the address for city hall:

601 lakeside ave. east
cleveland, oh 44114

here's Join the Impact's website where you can get the equivalent protests for other cities:

it'd be awesome if you could repost this in your journal. thanks!

edit: they changed all the links since yesterday! argh. If you get a 404 please just go to

Here is the National Flyer

I just read the following in [ profile] indigoranger's LJ re: location:

i saw conflicting spaces for the protest, so i sent an email to the contact listed on the Facebook page

dateTue, Nov 11, 2008 at 12:06 PM
subjectRe: Join the Impact

hide details 12:06 PM (10 minutes ago) Reply


It will definitely be happening at the Free Stamp. We tried to get a permit for Public Square, but they're putting lights up this weekend. So Free Stamp it is!

We hope to see you there!

And finally, in case you have been hiding in a hole and haven't seen this moment of brilliance (again, snagged from [ profile] indigoranger):

Special Comment on Gay Marriage ~ Keith Olbermann

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Mr. Make-Believe and his stir-fry


Sep. 8th, 2008 05:49 pm
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say something.

The page that pops up initially when you sign on to LJ has a comment coming up that I'm just tired of looking at. It's making things irritating.

So please, comment.
Say anything.
Anything you wish.

Hell, I'll even allow anonymous comments, just for the fun.
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In case you missed the memo...

Doors at 9PM.
Admission is $6 for 21 and over, $9 for under.

Come! Listen! Drink! Shake your booty! ~8D
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B i s e x u a l i t y


B o n d a g e


B o y s


D e p r e s s i o n


F a e r i e s


F a n f i c t i o n


G u y s


G i r l s


H a r d c o r e


P a i n


and last, but not least...

P o r n ! S e x ! Y a o i !



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