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Friday April 28th & Saturday April 29th

The Ohio University Opera Theater presents...

~*~*~*~*~ A Mozart Spectacular ~*~*~*~*~

featuring portions of both

Die Zauberflöte
(The Magic Flute)


Don Giovanni
(The Libertine Punished)

Collaborative forces have been drawn from the Schools of Music, Theater, Art, and Dance, creating an evening of visual & musical delights.

The show will be performed at Templeton-Blackburn Memorial Auditorium on the Ohio University Campus in Athens Ohio (map & more info).

Both shows begin promptly at 8 P.M.
doors @ 7 P.M.

To see a video including interviews, samples of singing, and for more information overall
click here!


Nov. 18th, 2005 02:00 pm
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I spent all day yesterday either asleep, slurping soup, drinking water/ OJ, or shtudying. I stayed indoors, didn't see a soul until 9-something last night when Laura got home. It was a nice day of solitude, and I feel tremendously better after having a day of long-overdue rest.

I just finished my Sight-singing final. A-, mostly because I have no rhtyhmic abilities. Such is the life of a singer. ~;P

My German final is at 4:40 in some hall I've yet to locate. I am worried...I've had a very difficult time with it, mostly because I keep thinking in a strange mixture of Italian and English. WTF??? So yeah...two hours of Deutsch ahead...wuddah-wuddah-hoo!!!

Tomorrow = theory final at 2:30. Yes, a Saturday final. Yes, WTF indeed. Ah well, gotta end the quarter with a bang, right? If there is a God, he/ she will grant me the miracle of a 90% or higher on that final so I can move on and finish this year with all the theory crap. Too bad my beliefs question everything.

Oh, and sorry I didn't mention it before. Thank you to EVERYONE who sent good voice ju-ju on Tuesday night. The opera scenes went WONDERFULLY, and my voice carried strongly and well. Of course, by the last act, it was getting torched, so I backed off a bit. By night's end, I was quite hoarse. I've since sung twice, and neither time at full-voice. I definitely need some time off from singing, lest I destroy my chords entirely. None of that for this sireen, nope nope!

OK, time to shtudy.


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