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[ profile] tiktiktok had to leave for work fairly early. I had half a thought to get up when he did, but when the time came, my eyes wouldn't stay open for ANYTHING.

I decided instead to set my alarm for like 9:45, simply because I wanted to get some things done before work.

Snooze was my master, however.

Actually, no. Not the snooze. It was the dreams. Crazy-vivid insane dreams. They own me.

Like, Eric Whitacre was at camp with me and a few other people, and this crazy cat-like critter came scavenging under the table, but decided my boot was tasty. I was happy the boot was strong and not penetrated, but then Mr. Whitacre went on about how I needed to get rid of the thing before the kids got hurt. Whose kids??? Oh yeah, kids playing EVERYWHERE. Most cacaphonous playground surrounding our little kitchen-tent thinger, and I head indoors because the meercat...that's what it was, and how it's spelled, even if it's not; dreams are like that...will only follow me. And inside, Laura Geyer is smiley, wanting coffee but in kind of a hurry. I try to explain about the cat, who is right on my heel and for whatever reason won't bite Laura, but she seems oblivious.

I mention there is a flood. She says she just went that way. I recall the waters rushing over masses of land, mountains crumbling, mud and speed killing us off if we even set a toe in. It's like a web of some sort...the spider sees you move, you touch her fortress and that's all she wrote.

Laura pushes past me, ignoring my trying to keep the meercat outdoors on the porch. Wait, is was! It was Catherine Greubel's home, and the porch was hers as well. I clung to her yellow-stained curtains, kicking and flailing my leg out the door, trying to get the meercat off me. He won't budge. IN the meantime, Laura heads down the stairs, yelling back at me that she'll meet me there...


So I finally got up at around 11. Butthead has been going since the first time I woke up, but for whatever reason, it's not bothering me. Like, I can tune him out sometimes. I imagine it's how most pet owners don't see or notice the little things their pets do that irritate the crap out of other people. His screechy tweets are just background noise to me most days anymore. He's old and crabby, and well, I prefer his old and crabby to that of a dozen elderly people whining, so whatever. At least i know all he wants is Chloebearmonster within his sight. Freak bird...fucking love him though.

I work tonight, first time all week. ~8/ I hope there's a new schedule up. I hope I'm on it more than two nights next week. I think that's shady, and I feel like I'm kinda getting screwed somehow, but I need the work. *sigh* Damned if I do, ya know?

I saw some spoilers for the new Harry Potter book. I'm hoping [ profile] wraptboy doesn't see them -- he gets his new book tomorrow, and well, he's been really excited about it. I like that he has something to get lost in this weekend, something that will surely make him smile and excited like a kid. I enjoy it when my friends get giddy like that. There's so much seriousness and misery in the's just refreshing and encouraging when I get the chance to see joy overcome those things.

Speaking of joy...

One year ago...

[ profile] nomadoh -- even a year later, thank you for getting me out that night. Who knew how much it'd change my life?!! ~8)
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