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which is kinda funny to think about, considering the first song is about St. Catherine of Siena. This is the info I have on her:

Profile: Youngest child in a large family. At the age of 6 she had a vision in which Jesus appeared and blessed her. Her parents wanted her to marry, but she became a Dominican tertiary. Mystic. Stigmatist. Received a vision in which she was in a mystical marriage with Christ, and the Infant Christ presented her with a wedding ring. Counselor to Pope Gregory XI and Pope Urban VI. Proclaimed Doctor of the Church on 4 October 1970.

Born 25 March 1347 at Siena, Tuscany, Italy

Died 29 April 1380 of a mysterious and painful illness that came on without notice, and was never properly diagnosed.

Canonized July 1461 by Pope Pius II

Name Meaning "pure one"

Patronage against fire, bodily ills, diocese of Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA, Europe, fire prevention, firefighters, illness, Italy, miscarriages, nurses, nursing services, people ridiculed for their piety, sexual temptation, sick people, sickness, Siena Italy, temptations

Representation: cross; crown of thorns; heart; lily; ring; stigmata

Oh, and here's her head, enshrined in the Dominican church in Siena, IT:

And I thought seeing St. Mark's larynx and tongue in Venice was fascinating....

This song just took on such new meaning.
You have *no* idea.

it's gonna be a loooong night.


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