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have I ever mentioned I reeeeally don't like that movie? It, along with KISS, Bill and Ted, Weird Al, Korn, and a few other things, have all been thrown into a category of Ick, which was created via bad experiences with ex's.


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Last night I had the strangest memory from childhood. Eh, it wasn't strange, really, just oddly-timed. I was watching 28 Days Later with [ profile] bindrune when suddenly I remembered sitting in the back of my father's blue pick-up truck, one that went, "BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!" because it had a HUGE engine and big tires. I sat back there with my brothers and older sister, hanging on for dear-life to a rope which held us back against the cab while my father raced up the side of one of the mountains looking over Oroville, CA. I remembered the crickets and peepers, the smell of the pines and oranges in the night air, and more than anything else, my and my siblings' laughter roaring along with thr truck as we climbed further and further up, our destination: the overlook above the damn.

When we got there, it was a doubled-pleasure: above us, many stars you could barely see them all because they seemed to smoosh into one another, making bigger stars or strange clumps of light glittering above, making your eyes cross and your neck sore from craning it so intently.

below us, the damn, and a little beyond...the city lights. There were so many lights, shimmering yellow and white, blue and red. After a while, your eyes lost track of the lights and the stars, and soon you forgot whether you were looking at the earth or at the sky. All I knew was just how incredibly beautiful it all was, and I could even remember the sensation of the smile on my face as my father walked over to me, placing his arm across my shoulders and asking, "So, what do ya think, kid?"


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