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that if you accidentally type in "ebaycom" instead of "" you get one of THE most annoying ipod sites EVER??!!!


Put in a "no payment" dispute thinger on ebay. This person didn't like my shipping, which was understandable: it was astronomical, an accident on my part due to certain mix-up-numbery issues. So I wrote them, apologizing for the mistake, and changed it to something I considered more than reasonable.

They've never responded.

Today is day 9. So yeah, they're reported to Ebay, and the fight begins!!! woo-hoo!

Choir practice last night went well again. I need to work on one of the movements more, as I've yet to get the entrance correctly. I should see if I can find a recording of this would certainly be helpful.

I also met a really nice gal last night by the name of Sarah. She's very chatty, friendly, lives in Tremont, and in many ways reminds me of [ profile] georgeanne. Strange how people remind you of others. Anyway, she mentioned possibly carpooling to Blossom at the end of the month, so that's pretty cool.

When I told [ profile] tiktiktok about her, he laughed. As it turns out, he knows her, and used to hang out with her a bit. I swear, it's truly bizarre how our circle of friends/ acquaintances just keeps getting smaller and smaller between us. What's more, I simply cannot understand how I never met him before the past year, all things considered. Not that I am complaining -- I like how we met, and how we evolved into who we are.

We were walking to our cars this morning, and he noted that our shirts complimented each other - his dark blue, mine orange. I smiled, and told him I thought we complimented each other anyway. He smiled even bigger, and our days begun marvelously sweet.

Go ahead, make your dental appointments now, folks. ~;P

OK, I was going to stay up, but my head is spinny-tired. Well, it's actually been spinny since Saturday, which I don't really understand, but hey, whatever. My balance is just way off. It's like when you're silly-drunk and staggery -- your head wobbles on your shoulders like it's trying to float off, bobbling around, yet your legs, arms, hands...everything below the neck feels like it weighs a ton, and it's hard to move them all the way you want them to. It's not a sensation I'm entirely comfy with, but I have no health insurance, so I'll just have to grin and bear it, I guess.

Hope everyone is having a good day.


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